Neuron v2 released

written by Andrew Shay on 2018-04-14

Neuron v2 has been released. It contains the following changes

  • Updated to Python 3
  • Uses wxPython
  • Includes script to generate exe and installer (via PyInstaller and NSIS)

Device Checker: New project for detecting changes on Windows

written by Andrew Shay on 2018-03-24

I recently wanted software to notify me when services, installed programs, and startup programs were added, removed, or changed.
I found some wmic commands to give me that information, as well as much more information.

I created a program to simply gather information about a Windows system and then notify the user when it has changed, and view the differences.

It is currently released in beta.

View on GitHub: shayConcepts/device-checker

How to get the data from msinfo32 with wmic commands

written by Andrew Shay on 2018-03-23

I was recently looking to gather the same data that msinfo32 reports and I found a couple wmic commands that provided me with what I needed.

The first is a basic wmic command eg wmic service get /format:list. This will output the services on Windows.
Run wmic /? to see a list of other information you can gather.
Other formatting options /format:table and /format:csv

The second wmic command uses the CIM WMI Provider. eg wmic path CIM_LogicialDisk get /value. This outputs the logical disks that Windows detects.
To find a list of possible options see the MSDN docs

Apache disable TLS_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA after LetsEncrypt

written by Andrew Shay on 2017-05-09

This guide is for Apache but might be similar for other web servers

If you've just installed Let's Encrypt certificates with Certbot on your web server and ran SSL Server Test, you might have warning saying your server supports TLS_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA.

To drop support for this protocol you must

  • Open /etc/letsencrypt/options-ssl-apache.conf
  • Delete :DES-CBC3-SHA from the SSLCipherSuite line.
  • Restart apache sudo service apache2 restart

Also, here is the default conf file

Subreddit Monitor supports multiple subreddits

written by Andrew Shay on 2017-02-25

Subreddit monitor now supports multiple subreddits via a JSON file
View on GitHub