How to create a lektor plugin and debug it in PyCharm

written by Andrew Shay on 2018-05-16

I recently created by my first Lektor Plugin, read-full-post, and wanted to create a getting starting guide for creating a plugin and debugging it in PyCharm.

In this article we will pull the lektor project, create a plugin that modifies the body of every blog post, debug the plugin in PyCharm and look at some of the data in the debugger.

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lektor plugin: read full post

written by Andrew Shay on 2018-05-11

I have created a lektor plugin, read full post.
It allows blog listing posts to be shortened with a link to the full post.

Neuron v2 released

written by Andrew Shay on 2018-04-14

Neuron v2 has been released. It contains the following changes

  • Updated to Python 3
  • Uses wxPython
  • Includes script to generate exe and installer (via PyInstaller and NSIS)

Device Checker: New project for detecting changes on Windows

written by Andrew Shay on 2018-03-24

I recently wanted software to notify me when services, installed programs, and startup programs were added, removed, or changed.
I found some wmic commands to give me that information, as well as much more information.

I created a program to simply gather information about a Windows system and then notify the user when it has changed, and view the differences.

It is currently released in beta.

View on GitHub: shayConcepts/device-checker

How to get the data from msinfo32 with wmic commands

written by Andrew Shay on 2018-03-23

I was recently looking to gather the same data that msinfo32 reports and I found a couple wmic commands that provided me with what I needed.

The first is a basic wmic command eg wmic service get /format:list. This will output the services on Windows.
Run wmic /? to see a list of other information you can gather.
Other formatting options /format:table and /format:csv

The second wmic command uses the CIM WMI Provider. eg wmic path CIM_LogicialDisk get /value. This outputs the logical disks that Windows detects.
To find a list of possible options see the MSDN docs