Portable Virtualenv for Python

written by Andrew Shay on 2015-11-14

I needed a way to create a portable virtualenv but the answers I came across online were suggesting solutions like py2exe or cxfreeze which are “too much”.
I need a simple way to make that virtualenv portable so that it can be activated anywhere.

I came up with a solution that is working well, but it has only been tested with a few Python packages.

First, create your virtualenv on the same OS that it will be deployed on.
Now you must write a script to accomplish the following goals, which will make the env portable. This script will need to run every time that the ENV is moved.

  • Create a variable called new_env which will store the path to the ENV folder’s new location, including the folder name
  • Open ENV/bin/activate and change every line that starts with VIRTUAL_ENV to reflect the new path
  • Now loop through every file in ENV/bin
  • Open the file, and if the first line starts with “#!”, it’s likely pointing to the ENV’s Python. That line needs to be rewritten to reflect the new path to Python.
  • Write the new contents back to the file

You should skip opening, “activate”, “python”, “python2” etc

That’s it. You should be able to activate the ENV.


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