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Transmitic: Encrypted p2p file transfer and sharing. Built with Rust.

I created, Transmitic, desktop software for encrypted, peer to peer, file transfer and sharing.
It's built with Rust and the GUI is created with sciter.
I'm working to make it as easy as possible to use.

It automatically generates an x25519 public signing key. Users must then exchange their public keys and IPs out of band.
They can choose files and folders on their computer to share, and select which users they want to share those files with.
Connections are encrypted with AES-GCM.

Users can download the files, and the downloads will resume if it gets disconnected.
This means it's easy to transfer huge files (no file size limits) without needing to compress them, break them into smaller files etc., or worry about disconnects while uploading.

There's no third party servers involved and no cloud storage, so there is no cost associated with transferring, other than each user's bandwidth.

Nothing else quite like Transmitic

I've always wanted software like Transmitic, especially for transferring 100GB files, but could never find anything quite like it.
I would think to myself "I just want to send these files directly from this computer to another."
Why is that so difficult and not secure?

There is BitTorrent, but that's difficult to use (in comparison), no out of the box encryption, no easy way to select files to share with specific users.

There is file syncing software, but that syncs whole folders, is harder to quickly add users, and harder to choose what to share with them (more like all or nothing).

Download from GitHub


Transmitic Screenshot